8 Times 'Broke A$$ Game Show' Almost Ruined Food Forever

Our new diet began after we watched these clips.

Growing up, we were always told "Don't play with your food!" Apparently the guys at "Broke A$$ Game Show" never got the message -- and neither did many of their cash-seeking contestants.

After having Thanksgiving fare made thoroughly unappetizing during this week's "Trot Mess" sketch (seen above), we got to thinking about all the different foods that hosts David Magidoff and Derek Gaines have grossed us out with on the fun-loving series.

So, in honor of the fast-approaching holiday feast, here are eight clips that'll make you rethink your next binge:

  1. Wasabi Window

    When it comes to wasabi, less is more. After watching these pedestrians turn into wasabi-licking zombies? Way less is way more.

  2. Stiff Arm

    We're buying a bunch of straws and keeping them with us at all times so that this never happens to us or in front of us.

  3. Nice Melons

    How could you make watermelon look unappetizing, guys? HOW? You've done the impossible.

  4. We're now unable to eat cotton candy, a children's food, without feeling very, very creepy.

  5. There has probably been a worldwide drop in cholesterol intake since this egg-splosive sketch was unleashed on the world.

  6. Pie-Lates

    Adding food to activities basically always improves them, unless of course the activity is working out. Then you're just ruining both.

  7. Wheel of Fish

    Friend: "Hey, we're getting sushi, do you wanna come?" Us, now: "NO. NEVER. WHY? BURN IT ALL. THE SEA IS TERRIBLE!"

  8. Chew the Coop

    Crackers are now officially "for the birds." No humans are allowed to consume them ever again (we're still gonna eat bread, though).

Let us know in the comments how long you think it'll take for you to get your appetite back, and don't miss the next "Broke A$$ Game Show," Thursday at 10:30/9:30c...if you can stomach it.