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Please, Do Not Buy The Balmain x H&M Collection On Ebay

This is for your own good.

Dear friends,

I write you today about a matter that concerns many of us. As you know, the Balmain x H&M collection was released yesterday and total chaos ensued. People waited in line for hours, some were trampled, and of course, it sold out. As is tradition, many of the items wound up on eBay later that day -- some with prices similar to the original price, others not so much.

The velvet dress Kylie Jenner wore to the launch, which retailed at $549, is now listed on eBay with prices over $1,500. The blazer that Gigi Hadid wore in the print ads, also $549 originally, sold on eBay for $5,000.

I am pleading with all of you: Please do not buy these pieces on eBay. Not only because it's bananas to pay thousands of extra dollars for something that was originally marked with a three digit price tag, but because you can buy real Balmain at those resell prices. I'm talking phresh out the runway Balmain -- presumably made of materials and of construction that warrants the steep price tags a little more than the H&M diffusion collaboration -- that you can not only order online in the comfort of your own home, but that you can purchase in-store at your leisure without having to risk your life.

So, if you've decided to take out a loan to buy that H&M x Balmain blazer on eBay, I only ask that you consider taking that cash and getting the real deal. You know, the kind that North West wears to ballet.