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What It Looks Like When You Ask The Same Questions To Both Male And Female Athletes

A new campaign shows just how sexist women's sports journalism is.

There's been an ongoing debate about how society chooses to cover women in the public eye. Actresses like Scarlett Johannson and Cate Blanchett have repeatedly rebuffed questions asked of them that have been misguided at best and overtly sexist at their worst.

Actresses shouldn't have to mostly field questions about their love life or diet regime when they're promoting a movie, and as this latest campaign points out, neither should female athletes.

#CoverTheAthlete is a campaign that asks for fairness in sports reporting. The campaign requests that when we speak about female athletes, we talk about the sports they're playing -- instead of positing sexist remarks like "tennis requires a mobility Serena [Williams] cannot hope to achieve while lugging around breasts that are registered to vote in a different US state from the rest of her." (That's a real quote from real journalist Matthew Norman.)

The campaign is similar to the #AskHerMore movement that Reese Witherspoon started in the entertainment sphere, encouraging journalists to present deeper questions to actresses rather than "Who are you wearing?"

The video makes its point quite succinctly, asking: how would men react after a game if they were asked which famous lady they would date rather than anything about the sport they just played?

Watch the full video below.