Nasser Hijaz / Vine

Adele Says 'Hello, It's Me' -- Adorable Toddler Politely Responds

Cuteness OVERLOAD.

When Adele's haunting voice blasts through your headphones -- "Hello, it's me" -- the logical response is to tear up and get a box of tissues ASAP. For a young boy named Jalal, though, the response is much simpler (and drier): "Hi!" ?

Jalal's relative Nasser Hijaz captured the toddler's adorable reaction to the 25 singer's music video and uploaded the clip to Vine, where it went massively viral. Since the vid was posted three days ago, it's been viewed over 24 million times. NBD.

Now that Jalal has won the internet's hearts, his dad, Wael Hijaz, has started a YouTube channel to document the toddler's everyday life. For more cuteness, check it out here.