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'Vampire Diaries' Boss Teases 'Charming' Season 7 Villain Julian

He's way more "likable" than you think, says executive producer Caroline Dries.

The most recent episode of "The Vampire Diaries" resurrected the show's charismatic new villain, and the "love" of Lily Salvatore's life, Julian, from the dead. But don't expect him to live up to his Big Bad moniker just yet.

"He's actually a really charming, likable guy, so part of the fun will be trying to make him reveal his true self to Lily," executive producer Caroline Dries told MTV News.

Unlike the over-the-top bad boys of Mystic Falls yore, like Klaus and Kai, Julian is more tactical. He's not going to show Stefan and Damon all of his cards at once. After all, he has to keep up appearances to Lily and his family.

"He's just a vampire, so there's a reason he likes to run with the Heretics," Dries said. "And it may not be for the right reasons."

However, Lily has been too blinded by Julian's charm and good looks to take notice of his shady behavior. Stefan and Damon, however, aren't going to let Julian out of their sights, especially now that they have every intention of killing him.

Damon wants Julian dead because he knows just how much it will destroy his mother, much like how losing Elena destroyed him. He wants Lily to get a taste of what true happiness feels like, so that he can rip it away from her. Stefan, however, just wants to see Julian dead for everything that he did to Valerie and their unborn child.

But first, they'll have to deal with the fallout from the Phoenix Stone. The Heretics used it to bring Julian back to life -- his soul, unlike the souls of Jo and Oscar, was actually trapped inside the stone -- and something tells us that his demise is linked to that stone.

"It is a piece to a bigger puzzle, and it will bring nothing but havoc and sadness," Dries said about the Phoenix Stone.

Yeah, that doesn't sound at all good for our heroes.