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11 Times Anne Hathaway Was the MOST Hype About Supporting Her Fellow Women

Because she's the best.

Anne Hathaway's certainly been having a fun, girl-power week of celebrating her female friends. Not only did she graciously provide fellow actress Nina Dobrev with the most magical unicorn hair ever this Halloween, but she also recently posted this picture to her Instagram, cooing over old yearbook photos of her competition for the People's Choice Awards.

"Uh, they were even cute in high school," Hathaway wrote. "Very proud to be nominated with these women for this year's @peopleschoice award for favorite movie actress! #pcas"

Of course, Anne has always championed women in her work and in her personal life. Here are some of our favorite times she's done it:

  1. When she supported Amy Schumer.
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    Schumer might have made a joke at Anne Hathaway's expense in "Trainwreck," but Hathaway was still more than happy to celebrate her accomplishments. "Don't pretend like when you win your Oscar -- which you could for your brilliant and refreshing writing and/or acting in @TrainwreckMovie -- you won't tote it around to every Oscar party you go to," she wrote on Instagram.

  2. When she forgave her female haters.
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    While promoting her movie "Song One," Hathaway admitted to SheKnows that she has sympathy for the kind of women who tear down other women. "I don't judge other people who do that. I see them as — well, this is going to sound kind of serious — but I see them as suffering in their own way," she said. "Because if you are bashing someone else and hating on someone else, I guarantee you are doing the same thing to yourself."

  3. And when she recognized the women who supported her right back.

    “There is a certain type of media that trades on desperation, and will paint someone with that filter if it will make them money, whether the story is true or not,” she told InStyle, saying that many of the articles against her with titles like like "Why Do We Hate Anne Hathaway?" were written by men. “Among the women I’ve worked with and met in my industry, I feel supported.”

  4. When she and Jenny Lewis formed a squad.

    And then they all wore mustaches and tracksuits together, like squads do.

  5. When she wanted to start a book club with her lady buds.

    "I'm trying right now to start a book club with Em and Jessica, because they're working on a movie together," she told Glamour UK. I said, 'Let's all read this book!' But I'm not working and they are, so it's not going very well."

  6. When she re-insta'd the best cross stitch sampler ever.

    From Cara Delevingne, natch.

  7. When she pointed out that working mothers have it hard.
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    When speaking about her working mother role in "The Intern" with Metro, Hathaway said we need to rethink what "having it all" means and why we keep asking women to reach for it. "I think we need to all collectively, men and women, transform society so that there is better understanding and support, particularly in this case for women in the workplace," she added.

  8. When she found something to love about the Kardashians.

    You might think they're annoying, but Anne has mad respect. “I used to be like everyone else and think the Kardashians are just famous for being famous,” she said to Refinery29. “But I've been really impressed with how supportive Kim Kardashian has been of Caitlyn Jenner.”

    Hathaway showed Caitlyn her support on Instagram as well, saying, "I wish you love and light in this new chapter of your life. I'm so inspired by your strength, vulnerability and courage."

  9. When she sent Emma Watson her love, too.

    "Bold, brave, beautiful- Bravo Emma!!! Please watch her incredible speech and stand with her!!" Anne said of the actress's "He For She" campaign at the United Nations.

  10. When she spoke out against the pay gap.

    "There's a very big problem when you look at the list of the highest-earning men and the highest-earning women in the global film community, and there's a $660-million pay gap between the two of them," she told Los Angeles Times. "When you look at the reason why that is, that there aren't a lot of franchises starring women.... And there's that thing about how a male actor or director can have a series of failures and still get hired. It's not true for women.

  11. Finally, when she said beautiful things about T-Swift.
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    Speaking again with Glamour UK, she said, "She just seems to be following her heart. I met her — I hope it's OK to say this — when she and Jake [Gyllenhaal] were together. She was 20 at the time, and we hung out one night. I was like, 'You are a magnificent creature.' She was on fire and I've watched her become this force of nature."