Officials Have Found The Berkeley H.S. Student Who Inspired A Massive Protest Over His Racist Messages

Also: 100,000 same-sex weddings since June, Pentagon wasted millions to train Syrian rebel troops.

More Than 2,000 Angry Students Took To The Streets On Thursday

Officials at Berkeley High School announced on Thursday night that they had identified the student who posted a racist message on a school library computer. That message inspired thousands of students to walk out of class earlier in the day and march across the city in protest yelling slogans such as "black lives matter" and "raise a fist if you're not gonna take this." Principal Sam Pasarow said, "I think the student is really aware of what this caused on our campus today and how much fear it caused and how much chaos it caused on our campus." Officials at the school, which prides itself on diversity, have not named the 15-year-old student, but said they interrogated him after a forensic analysis was run on the computer. The message was made to look like a web page, containing offensive messages toward African Americans, with references to the KKK and threats of a public lynching next month. The student is facing suspension and possible criminal charges.

100,000 Same-Sex Weddings Since SCOTUS Ruling

Around 96,000 same-sex weddings have taken place in the U.S. since the Supreme Court's landmark ruling in June, according to the Los Angeles Times. That's a small part of the estimated 2.1 million weddings in the U.S. every year, but it means that in some states "more than half of all same-sex couples living together are now married." That's a huge shift from 2004, when no state recognized same-sex unions. Across the nation, the share of gay and lesbian couples living together who are now married has risen from 38% before the SCOTUS decision to 45%.

Did Pentagon Spend $2 Million Per Solider In Failed Syria Effort?

A new report claims that the Pentagon spent $384 million, or around $2 million per fighter, on a failed program to train moderate Syrian fighters to combat the Islamic State, according to USA Today. More than $500 million was set aside in 2015 for an effort aimed at graduating 3,000 trained New Syrian Forces fighters this year, and 5,000 annually after that. But the program was suspended recently after it was found that $384 million was spent and, of the 180 Syrians who were "vetted, trained and equipped," only 145 fighters remain in the program; of those, only 95 remain in Syria today. The Pentagon disputed the $2 million figure, saying it was closer to $30,000 per trainee, with the "vast majority" of that money going to pay for ammunitions ($204 million) and weapons ($77 million).

Update -- U.C. Merced Attacker: The University of California-Merced student who was killed by police after he stabbed four fellow students on Wednesday allegedly launched his attack after being kicked out of a study group. 17-year-old Faisal Mohammad left behind a manifesto with details about his intended targets, including a police officer, whose gun he planned to use against other students; his backpack also contained zip-tie handcuffs, a night scope and a hammer. Officials do not believe Mohammad's actions were related to terrorism, but instead fueled by personal animosities.

Update -- Chicago Cop Tied To Hit-man: On the same day officials revealed that disgraced Fox Lake, Illinois, Lt. Charles Gliniewicz staged his suicide to cover up years of allegedly embezzling funds from a fund set up for children to pay for his mortgage, vacations and adult websites, the Fox Lake Village administrator who was investigating him said she was "unsettled" by news that Gliniewicz allegedly tried to hire a motorcycle gang hit-man to kill her. Police said they also found small packages of cocaine in Gliniewicz's desk with no apparent ties to an ongoing investigation.

Video of the Day: Some people are upset that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is going to host "SNL" this weekend. So the group Deport Racism made this video about Latino kids saying the darndest things about The D. (Warning: strong language).

Pic of the Day: Just 100 women doing yoga on a 900-foot plexiglass bridge that hangs 600 feet over a gorge in China's Hunan province.