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Watch Justin Bieber Confront His Most Devotional Twitter Beliebers

Even he couldn't belieb all these sweet tweets.

Everyone knows that Justin Bieber has the most passionate fans to ever exist -- yes, even more fervent than us Twihards -- especially Justin Bieber.

Belieber Nation is nothing if not prolific with their streams of endless JB adoration, but Justin clearly never tires of being praised by his loving followers because as part of his Billboard Magazine feature, he came face-to-face -- er, face-to-screencap -- with some of the most saccharine fan sentiments to ever hit social media.

Basically, it's the opposite of what Jimmy Kimmel does with his mean tweets series (which Justin also participated in a few years back).

The first message, for example, explains just how Beliebers are able to cope with a bad day: "If you're ever sad just remember that the earth is 4.54 billion years old and somehow you've managed to exist the same time as Justin Bieber." That compliment right there was so deeply constructed that it took Biebs a few minutes to process, but when he finally got it, he was grateful for the excess sweetness.

Another of his megafans compared Bieber to pancakes because they both are happy-making things that exist, and while Biebs appreciated the comparison, he wanted to make sure the world knows he is not, in fact, flat.

There's more. Oh, there's more. Watch the video below for the full load of Justin Bieber's encounter with his virtual fandomania.