7 Superheroes Emma Stone Could Play If 'Spider-Gwen' Never Happens

IF. We're still holding out hope.

Now that a new Spidey is heading over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the "Amazing Spider-Man" movies that made us fall in love with Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy are dead and buried -- so, sort of like Gwen Stacy herself (What, too soon?). But Emma was so great in those movies that she really deserves a superhero of her own to bring to life now that she can't play Gwen.

Of course, Gwen Stacy IS a superhero in the comics now -- or at least, an alternate universe version of her is in the comic book "Spider-Gwen." In it, Gwen's the one who gets bitten by the radioactive spider, not Peter, and she becomes the Spider-Woman to stop crime in Manhattan. And she's so popular that fans are clamoring for Emma to return and make her a reality, even going so far as to create movie trailers of her own that star the actress.

As much as we all want to hold out hope that a Spider-Gwen movie will happen one day, it's likely that Marvel would cast someone else anyway, like they did with Tom Holland when they got the rights to Peter Parker back. Luckily, there are a lot of other female heroes just waiting for their turn in the spotlight that Emma could play perfectly instead:

  1. Captain Marvel
    Marvel Comics

    At this point literally every blond actress has been suggested to play Marvel's first female superhero to headline her own movie, but Emma Stone certainly has the Carol Danvers' no-nonsense, snarky sense of humor down already.

  2. Artemis
    DC Comics

    Wonder Woman is going to need some Amazonian back-up, and who better than Emma Stone to play her redheaded, short-tempered sister-in-arms?

  3. Kate Bishop
    Marvel Comics

    Since Clint Barton found himself a secret farm family to possibly go retire to, the Avengers are going to need a possibly replacement -- and Kate Bishop is the amazing, tough-as-nails, hilarious young archer for the job.

  4. Jessica Drew

    So Emma can't play Gwen Stacy? She could play this other Spider-Woman instead, who has nothing to do with Peter Parker and who Marvel only created so they could grab the trademark. Of course, Drew is pretty similar to the new Netflix star Jessica Jones (name aside, they're also both private investigators and tremendously witty), so this seems like it might not happen anytime soon -- but don't tell me Stone wouldn't be able to rock that role.

  5. Medusa
    Marvel Comics

    I'll be honest, deep down my heart really wants Gillian Anderson in this role for some reason (I can't explain why, she's just really regal). But Emma totally has the chops to play an elite Inhuman queen -- maybe alongside Vin Diesel's Black Bolt, hopefully?

  6. Dr. Jenet Klyburn
    DC Comics

    Okay, not technically a superhero, but she's friends with a lot of them, including Superman! We already know Emma looks right at home in a labcoat, and Dr. Kleyburn would be a great character to pair off alongside Ezra Miller's version of the Flash without digging into the CW show's turf too much -- she works at S.T.A.R. labs, after all.

  7. The Shield
    Archie Comics

    A relative newcomer on the comics scene -- her first issue only just hit stores last month -- Victoria Adams is a "daughter of the republic" who appears in modern-day America with no idea who she is, except that she might possibly be a reincarnated soldier who's fight in every U.S. war since the Revolution. Ever wanted to see Emma Stone throw dudes against walls with superhuman strength? Because I sure do.