A Fan Wants To Meet Taylor Swift Before She Goes Completely Deaf

Will this girl's wildest dream come true?

Twelve-year-old Jorja of Sydney, Australia has been diagnosed with bilateral inner-ear hearing loss . Jorja has known for sometime that she has hearing loss, but it wasn't until recently that she was made aware of how severe the issue is.

According to BuzzFeed News, five weeks ago a specialist noticed Jorja's hearing was declining and that total deafness was imminent. Upon receiving this news, the first thing Jorga said was, "I won't be able to hear Taylor Swift sing."


That was when Jorja's twin sister, Chloe, got an idea: What if Jorja could meet Taylor Swift before losing her hearing? In an attempt to make this happen, she started a Facebook page called "Help Jorja Meet Taylor Swift in Sydney 2015." Chloe and Jorja hope that their campaign will eventually garner enough attention that it gets noticed by T. Swift herself. (Although the girls' mom acknowledges that they realize it's a long shot.)


If Taylor Swift does happen to meet Jorja, she will be in for quite a treat. As Jorja's mom told BuzzFeed, Jorja is a girl who, despite facing setbacks, "carries on and keeps smiling."

Wanna join Jorja and Chloe's campaign? Check it out here.

H/T BuzzFeed