Ben Carson’s Rap Ad Is Here And Unfortunately It’s Not A Joke

Ben Carson wants you to "be awesome."

When I heard there was a Ben Carson rap ad, I thought it was a joke, some sort of Internet parody like Bernie Sanders' “Hotline Bling” video. Then, I was surprised to learn that it was real.

So, I pressed play on Carson's “Freedom" and found that the rap itself is short as hell. This is literally how far the rhyme goes:

“Vote and support Ben Carson/ For the next president and be awesome.”


After that, you hear some Ben Carson quotes about America and freedom over the beat. It’s kind of like how Just Blaze talks during Jay Z’s “P.S.A.” only not as exciting, as you can imagine. That’s not a knock on Carson, exactly. It’s just that Hov and Blaze were incredible on that.

After Carson’s "P.S.A." quotes, there’s another little rap. It's also super short:

"If we wanna get America back on track/ We gotta vote Ben Carson, as a matter of fact."

The rhymes were written by Aspiring Mogul (I’m not kidding). He’s a Republican rapper that Ben Carson "discovered" this year. Carson -- who's criticized hip-hop before -- and Aspiring hope to reach young voters (or at least young voters who love rap) with this $150,000 campaign.

"Reaching them on a level they appreciate and follow and see if we can attract their consciousness about the election,” Doug Watts, a Carson campaign spokesman, told ABC News. “They need to get involved and express their voice through their vote."