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An Overanalysis Of Kanye West's Vague Album Update

SWISH is on the way?

Kanye West's new album has had lots of hype, multiple names, a few potential singles -- and no release date.

Unfortunately, that didn't change on Thursday (Nov. 5), when Yeezy called into Big Boy's show on Los Angeles' Real 92.3, but he did give an update on SWISH. He didn't say all that much in the way of valuable information, if we're being honest, but we rarely get album updates from Kanye himself, so let's overanalyze this, shall we?

On The Hype

What he said: "I don't wanna try to overly describe or overly hype it up."

What he meant: I don't have that much to say.

On The Pace

What he said: "I've been working slow."

What he meant: Stop bothering me.

On The Pace, Again

What he said: "I've had a while to work on it."

What he meant: I get it. Everyone is waiting.

On The Songs That Have Come And Gone

What he said: "I separated with a couple of tracks that were on my album, and gave 'em to other people, like 'FourFiveSeconds' to Rihanna, or the joint on The Weeknd's album, 'Tell Your Friends.'"

What he meant: It's not like I haven't been working. I just don't have an album right now.

On The Musical Language

What he said: "I still just kept working, and trying to find the language that I wanted to say on my album."

What he meant: I'm not sure what it's gonna sound like.

On His Daily Routine

What he said: "And just going in the lab every night."

What he meant: I'm still working on it. Seriously. I really am.

On The Sound

What he said: "It's sounding good."

What he meant: I don't really like how it sounds right now, which is why I used such a weak adjective.

On How It's Like Other Artistic Mediums

What he said: "It's like a painting."

What he meant: I've been waiting for over a year to respond to the fact that Malik Yusef said the album sounds "like a pair of Timberlands."

On How It's Still Music But Also Like Other Artistic Mediums

What he said: "Like a sonic painting."

What he means: I know paintings don't actually sound like anything, but I really, really wanted to clear that Timberland thing up.

On Progress

What he said: "And it gets better and better every week."

What he meant: I hate it right now.