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Kim Kardashian Filmed A Makeup Tutorial In 2009 And It's Better Than We Could Have Imagined

From her master makeup class to the tutorials on her website, Kim Kardashian is all about teaching you her beauty tricks -- and this isn't a new thing. Kim's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has been with her from pretty much the start, blessing Kim with her now-signature contour, which as it turns out, they've actually been teaching us how to do sine 2009. Yes, way back when Kim's favorite magazine cover was the one she did with Vegas magazine, she and Mario filmed a three-part YouTube makeup tutorial.

Luckily, we've unearthed this very much precious gem and have GIF-ed it out for your viewing pleasure.

  • Step 1: Foundation

    "This is called a beauty blender," Mario says in the first video. In case 2009 doesn't seem like that long ago to you, there you have it. It definitely was that long ago.

  • Step 2: Brows

    Way before "eyebrows on fleek" came and went, and everyone started obsessing over eyebrows with countless gels and pencils, Mario used straight up eye shadow to color in Kim's brows. And they looked good.

  • Step 3: Admire

    And she definitely knew it.

  • Step 4: Contour

    Here it is. The contour. Instead of using an elaborate multi-color palette, Mario shaped Kim's face with straight up bronzer. TIP FROM KIM: Make sure it's a matte bronzer or else you'll look whack as hell!!!

  • Step 5: Ponder

    Kim knowingly nodding about her future.

  • Step 6: Panic

    Me when I think about contouring my own face.

  • Step 7: Check in

    Kim checks in quickly to make sure Mario isn't messing around. She approves.

  • Step 8: Lips

    Another one of Mario's tricks for Kim is to mix lip colors to create the perfect shade. Kim refers to him as "the mix master." She is right.

  • Step 9: Flaunt

    And there you have it! Kim's beauty routine of yesteryear. If you swap out Vegas magazine with multiple covers of Vogue, not that much seems to have changed.