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This New Rainbow Hair Trend Is Perfect For Covering Your Roots

Colorful hair trends have been dominating Instagram as of late, but the majority—whether for brunettes or blondes—are centered around full-head coverage. If you're in the market for something a little less drastic, or into covering your roots in a colorful way, this new rainbow trend may be for you.

A pioneer in the rainbow roots trend is Lottie Tomlinson, little sister of Louis Tomlinson (you might know him), who showed off her transformation on Instagram.

An up-close shot of the top of her head reveals that, actually, some of her natural roots are left visible, but the majority—and the darkest parts—are covered by a slew of colors, including pink, yellow, teal, and more.

While it may be hard to focus on her hair due to the fact that she's big time pulling off bright orange eyeliner, we're here to talk hair—when wet, the color, especially the pink, appears bold.

When dry, though, the color is a lot subtler, giving it an opal effect—as far as rainbow hair goes, this is about as low-key as you can get. While we're not entirely sure how it'll look when it grows out even further, it's definitely nice to have a new option to color roots rather than just continually bleaching them.

Would you try Lottie's look for yourself??