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What's The Deal With This Drake Billboard In Toronto?

It might be good news for fans.

Drake probably doesn't need any major paid marketing campaigns at this point. The Aubrey Hype Plane is on auto-pilot, and flying way, way up in the sky.

Just take the "Hotline Bling" video. A simple Instagram post announcing the release date got fans excited. Then, when the video dropped, well, memes, memes and more memes -- which, by the way, still haven't stopped -- gave it new, lasting legs. And if we take it back a few months, how 'bout the fact that he dropped a mixtape unannounced earlier this year, and it's one of the best-selling projects of 2015?

But maybe in a bit of nostalgia, Drake, or his team, or his label, seems to have spent a chunk of change on a billboard in Toronto. "THE 6 [Prayer Hands Emoji] IS WATCHING," the ad says, in a photo that Drake posted on Instagram, along with the caption, "Be home soon."

This would be a nostalgic play because vague, anticipation-building billboards have been in Drake repertoire for years now -- and if history is an indication, this is good news for us: In 2011, he launched a Take Care billboard in his hometown ahead of the release of his album; then two years later, there was the "Started from the Bottom" billboard.

So maybe this means the release of his new album, Views from the 6, is imminently upon us. Or maybe he's just trolling, or doing what 6 Gods do, and watching over you.

The dude has already given us a ton of new music in 2015: Two mixtapes and a handful of one-offs -- one of which, "Hotline Bling," has become the biggest song in the country -- so let's not hold our breath for an album release this year.

But Views is coming. And Drake is watching.