Boy Who Disappeared At 5 Found Safe After Applying For College

Also: Bernie Sanders floats legal pot bill and officials think Russian plane might have been bombed.

Julian Hernandez Went Missing in 2002

Hernandez disappeared when he was 5-years-old and his father, Bobby Hernandez, was the chief suspect in his abduction. Officers were unable to find him until Julian, now 18, began applying for college and was informed that his social security number didn't match his name. When school officials helped him investigate, they discovered a progressed picture of him in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Bobby Hernandez is now facing charges for the abduction.

Bernie Sanders Makes Pot Proposal

Democratic presidential candidate Sanders introduced the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act in the Senate on Wednesday, a bill that would legalize the national recreational use of pot. The bill has almost zero chance of passing the Republican-majority Congress, but it will surely up his appeal to young voters. Oh, right! Also, while legalizing weed, the bill -- the first of its kind proposed in the Senate -- would leave it up to the states to enforce their own bans if they want.

Student Shot After University Stabbing Spree

Police shot and killed a suspect on Wednesday who allegedly stabbed and injured five people at the University of California at Merced. Officials confirmed that the assailant was a student in his 20s but have not yet released their identity or a possible motive for the attack. A suitemate of the alleged suspect described him as "anti-social" and said he "didn't talk much. And I never saw him walk with anybody." Police are calling construction worker Byron Price, 31, a hero for running into a classroom to break up what he thought was a fight and thus preventing the student armed with a hunting knife from killing anyone else.

Update 1-- Russian Jet: After initially saying ISIS lacked the capability of shooting down the Russian passenger plane that crashed in the Sinai Peninsula on Saturday killing 224 people, U.S. and British officials are now suggesting that it is "highly possible" a bomb brought on board the jet caused it to explode in mid-air. Intercepted communications suggest that ISIS was responsible.

Update 2 -- Parade Crash: Adacia Chambers, 25, the woman who crashed her car into Oklahoma State University's homecoming parade last month, has been charged with four counts of second-degree murder and 46 counts of felony assault. Chambers could face up to 10 years to life for each murder count.

Update 3 -- Hero Cop Embezzled Thousands: On Wednesday, officials in Fox Lake, Illinois, revealed that the death of Charles J. Gliniewicz was not a homicide, but a carefully staged suicide meant to cover up a dark secret. According to investigators, for seven years, the 52-year-old officer had been "embezzling and laundering money from the Fox Lake Police Explorer program... as well as forging documents and signatures." The money was reportedly spent on travel, mortgage payments and adult websites.