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Justin Timberlake Just Proved He Can Be A Country Singer, Too

He can do the twang thang.

Justin Timberlake has taken his impressive octave range from the pop scene into the hip hop beat and back with a stop over in beatboxing territory all with major success, but now he's trying his hand at country music, and turns out he is pretty damn good at it.

Justin performed alongside Chris Stapleton at the CMA Awards on Wednesday (Nov 4.) night, and he knocked the cowboy boots off of everyone in the audience -- and watching at home -- because no one was expecting him to be so right for that stage.

Justin and Chris, the CMA's Artist of the Year BTW, performed "Tennessee Whiskey" and "Drink You Away" at the CMAs, and when they were done the whole world was basically putty in their guitar-strumming hands. It was that good.

If you watched it live, here were the 10 stages of your experience, relived.

  1. You start to realize, "Hey, he's actually in this thing right now."
  2. And it makes you get right up and dance without meaning to.

  3. The whole place is starting to feel holy because this is LIVE.
  4. You just know he's singing to you specifically.
  5. His guitar skills are pretty impressive right now.
  6. Then you have to explain Justin Timberlake to your mom because she's not up on her pop news.

  7. You realized that the depth of his Hall of Fame-inducted talent is still in discovery mode.
  8. And that he's got the magic musical touch.

  9. You're speechless, even still.
  10. So now you want a country music album from Justin because MORE PLEASE THANK YOU.

^^ cosigned.