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'Supernatural': The Winchesters Battle A Monster-Of-The-Week On Tonight's Episode

The brothers explore the infamous house of Lizzie Borden.

On last week's episode of "Supernatural," we saw the brief return of Hottie McHotterson Young John Winchester (Matt Cohen). This prompted us to create a list of other beloved "SPN" characters we'd like to see return this season. (*Hint hint, wink wink*)

While Sam (Jared Padalecki) tried to convince Dean (Jensen Ackles) his moment with their young father was a warning and a message from God, Dean disagreed. Later, the boys duked it out with ghoul-pires, defeating the enemy and saving the day. Except, the threat of the Darkness still lingered on their minds. Oh, and Castiel (Misha Collins) binged-watched "Orange Is the New Black" and, naturally, didn't understand that reference.

Tonight was definitely a monster-of-the-week episode, lightly sprinkled with "bigger picture" moments (aka Amara/the Darkness). Personally, I love these stand-alone episodes. They (usually) have an ending — the Winchesters solve the case and save the day — and there isn't a lot of "doom and gloom" business. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the ever-continuing storyline of good vs. evil, but episodes like this one remind me of earlier seasons, before things became super complicated and went to Hell (pun intended).

With that being said, check out recap of "Thin Lizzie."

  1. ♫ Lizzie Borden took an axe ♫
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    The episode began with one unlucky couple who visited a haunted bed and breakfast they learned about from the Ghostfacers. Less than two minutes later, they were murdered by some shrouded figure. Womp, womp.

    Back at the boys' bunker, Sam and Dean read about the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, which was at the actual house where Borden allegedly murdered her parents. We also learned Sam had a "fetish" for serial killers, so that happened. They drive out to the B&B and start asking questions about the murders, quickly renting out the room where the couple died because the Winchesters laugh in the face of danger. The room was also Borden's personal room, which made Sam a little too happy, TBH. Oh, and this is a legit place, by the way. You can actually stay at the house.

    Sam and Dean split up, investigating the B&B, Sam's EMF radar buzzing non-stop. Unfortunately, the brothers discovered the place was rigged to appear haunted, but it was really just a hoax and tourist trap. Shortly after this discovery, the innkeeper's mother was brutally murdered.

  2. ♫ Gave her mother 40 whacks ♫
    Katie Yu / The CW

    When the local cops showed up, the bros broke out their "We're actually FBI agents" routine. As the Winchesters were driving off, they got a call another axe murder had happened in a nearby county. Sam went to investigate and encountered a woman, her son Jordy and his babysitter Sydney (Tess Atkins). She quickly — and rudely — kicked him out of her house.

    Meanwhile, Dean made a house call to Len (Jared Gertner) who was obsessed with all things Lizzie Borden. Len revealed he had recently spent weeks squatting in the B&B's basement. While snooping, Dean discovered Len had a sketch of the Mark of Cain. After some prodding, Len explained he ran into a girl with that symbol on her shoulder. She turned out to be the twelve-year-old version of Amara (Yasmeene Ball), who was 100% positive Borden did her parents in back in the day.

    Len added Amara did something weird to him, which made him become a different person. Dean was convinced Amara sucked out Len's soul, which (spoilers) she did.

  3. ♫ When she saw what she had done ♫
    Katie Yu / The CW

    When Sam and Dean met up, they were confused why Len hadn't gone off the deep end after having his soul stolen. Sam thought the mother was soulless, based on her complete lack of empathy or reaction, comparing it to the time when he didn't have a soul.

    After, the boys babysat Len, driving back out to Jordy's house to investigate. In a very Dean-manner, Dean bluntly told Len that Amara sucked out his soul. He then handcuffed Len to his car, so Len wouldn't run off while they poked around the house. Inside the house, Dean discovered two murdered bodies and was then TWACKED upside the head by an unseen figure.

    Sam didn't hear that noise, but he did hear rustling in the hall closet. When he opened the door, Jordy came tumbling out, bound and gagged. As Sam reached to untie him, Sydney snuck up behind them and aimed a shotgun at Sam's face. DUN DUN DUN.

  4. ♫ She gave her father 41 ♫
    Katie Yu / The CW
    After tying up the Winchesters, they asked how Sydney knew Amara. Sydney explained she met Amara while drunkingly coming out of a bar. When Amara grabbed Sydney's hands, she gave her joy, but then quickly sucked Sydney's soul out. Sydney described being with Amara as a blissful experience. Sydney revealed she was abused by her parents as a kid but then "Amara took away the pain [and] she lightened something in [her]." Amara admitted killing both the young couple and the innkeeper's mom. She also stated she was saving Jordy, because his dad dealt meth and his mother was a slut. Sydney claimed she'd take care of him better than anyone ever had. Turns out, that dead couple Dean found in the basement was Jordy's parents, also murdered by Sydney. Sam broke free from his restraints and tried to get the jump on Sydney, but he would've been shot dead, had Len not randomly appeared — apparently having ripped his hand out Dean's handcuffs. Len stabbed Sydney in the back with a hatchet and down she went. Later, Len confessed to Dean he felt nothing after killing Sydney, and suggested Dean kill him. Dean refused, so Len said he would turn himself in and go to jail, so he couldn't hurt anyone else. At the end of the episode, Sam and Dean discussed how Amara made them feel. Sam admitted he felt "this pit in his stomach," but Dean said he didn't feel that way about her. The elder Winchester claimed "it was quiet" when he was with Amara. As the boys drove off, Amara appeared out of the bushes. Smiling coyly, she said, "Bye Dean, I'll see you soon." *Shudders*