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This Is Not A Drill — It's 2015 And You Can Now Order JNCO Jeans Online

Break out the wallet chains and ball necklaces.

After half a year of speculating, we learned in February 2015 that the most questionable trend of the '90s was gearing up for a comeback. Whether you're down for it or not, the JNCO Jeans revival is officially real because the pants are now available for purchase online. (And actually if you're not down for the reboot, then please take several seats because how dare you not trust the style compass of cultural icons Rihanna and FKA Twigs!!!!!!)

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The Heritage Collection, as it's called, is stacked with eight different pants designs and one shorts option, all with the hallmark JNCO extra-wide leg. The items won't ship until December, but I mean, you've waited since 2000 when the main factory closed, so... I think you've got the time.

Courtesy of JNCO Jeans

Of course, there are classic 26" leg opening jeans with the iconic crown and tag logo on the back pocket, but there are other variations if you're looking for a slightly more ~2015~ update.

There are 32" options for the really adventurous types.

Courtesy of JNCO Jeans

Or 23" pairs for those who just want a touch of throwback.

Courtesy of JNCO Jeans

There are even JNCO shorts! (And if you're in a position where you're able to think about ordering shorts for December, well, you should know you're very lucky.)

Happy shopping, '90s kids!