23 Times Grant Gustin's Adorable Dogs Were The Real Superheroes On Team 'Flash'

Nora and Jett get the job done with their super-sized cuteness.

When he's working, Grant Gustin is the fastest man alive on The CW's hist series "The Flash." When he's off duty, however, Gustin is the coolest dad alive to pups Nora and Jett, otherwise known as #NeuroticNora and #JettLife on Insta.

Nora and Jett aren't just freaking adorable, they're also quite super. Everyone knows that having a pet can improve one's quality of life. But these super pups do more than just that; they bring joy to every one around them. In fact, Nora and Jett spend so much time on set of "The Flash," they might as well be honorary members of Team Flash. Given their unique abilities to look directly into your soul and mug for the camera, we think Nora and Jett would be two perfect additions to the squad. Here's why they should totally join Team Flash:

  1. They come to work dressed to impress.
  2. Nora is always ready to stand in for Grant when they need her to.
  3. When it comes to making adorable faces, they out-aww Grant every time.
  4. No, seriously.
  5. They do.
  6. Nora is ready for her close up.
  7. But just don't disturb her when she's in her dressing room.
  8. And please don't disturb Jett when he's with DAD.
  9. They're not so into selfies.
  10. They'd rather snuggle, TBH.
  11. Or stare at you from afar.
  12. Nora rivals Beyoncé when it comes to working the wind machine.
  13. They both love to chill with Uncle Jesse on set.
  14. And Uncle Rick!
  15. But, let's be real. They prefer Uncle Jesse.
  16. Belly rubs are the key to their hearts.
  17. Sometimes they get a little existential.
  18. But fancy new threads perk them right up.
  19. Unless the Clippers are losing.
  20. They can rock any hairstyle.
  21. Jett really knows how to mug for the camera.
  22. Even when he's passed out.
  23. But mostly, they just like to do their own thing.