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13 Times Sara Lance Stole Our Hearts on 'Arrow'

Feminist. Warrior. Shirker of death.

Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) may have technically been back for a few episodes now on “Arrow,” but we still kind of miss her? Until the very end of last night's episode, Sara spent her resurrection soulless and, you know, attacking people. This is not the Sara we know and love.

Luckily, our girl has had her soul restored and will hopefully be back to whole lines of dialogue and, you know, character development in next week's ep. For now, we're going to recount all of the things that made us fall in love with this character in the first place.

Here are 13 times Sara stole our hearts on "Arrow."

  1. When she did the salmon ladder like it was NBD.

    Oh, is that supposed to be difficult?

  2. When her personal philosophy was so on point.

    Forget "Legends of Tomorrow." We'll watch an entire spin-off series featuring Sara Lance taking down violent misogynists.

  3. When she was ready to do anything to survive.

    Sure, teaming up with Dr. Ivo on The Amazo led to Sara becoming implicit in the torture of the prisoners on board, but she did want she needed to do to survive — and we kind of love her for that.

  5. When she was the best sister ever.

    Yep, they share clothes. And sometimes costumes.

  6. When she called Felicity cute.

    Woman has good taste.

  7. When she looked after Sin.

    Sara made a promise to Sin's dying father, and she never forgot about it. (Speaking of which, WHERE IS SIN?!)

  8. When she took on both Oliver and Diggle at the same time.

    Woman's got moves.

  9. When she would do anything for her friends.

    You cannot find a more loyal friend than Sara Lance.

  10. When she makes the best entrances.

    Wait, you just walk through doors?

  11. Seriously, Sara can't NOT make an epic entrance.

    Wait, you just walk down stairs?

  12. When she would have rather died than rejoin The League.

    Sara is no one's pawn. (Also, yay representation of bisexuality!)

  13. When she convinced Laurel to stop drinking.

    Best sisters forever.

  14. When she didn't let death — or resurrection — stop her.

    We're guessing that this whole Coming Back From The Dead thing is going to seriously mess with Sara's noggin. Luckily, Lady Lance also happens to be one of the strongest people we know. We're not saying it's going to be easy; we are saying that it takes a special kind of person to go through something like that and come out the end deciding to help people.