39 Times The Kardashians Took Their Love For Photo Booths To Another Level

No photo like a photo booth photo.

When the Kardashian/Jenner's throw a party you two things. One, it will be flooded with celebrities, and, two, there will be a photo booth to capture all the action.

They've snapped family moments, silly encounters, kisses and more inside those photo booths that have been on display at birthday parties, weddings and graduations.

So to celebrate their love of the photo booth (let's be honest, who doesn't love seeing these at parties?) we've rounded up their 39 best moments that they -- and their famous guests -- have snapped.

  1. Sister Squad
  2. Kaptain Kendall
  3. Duck Face
  4. Drake's Got Some New Friends
  5. Mom and Dad 'Turn Up'
  6. Smiling Kanye Take 1
  7. Smiling Kanye Take 2
  8. Christmas In A Photo Booth
  9. Pucker Up
  10. Moms
  11. Graduation Time
  12. This Is How Kimye Kiss
  13. That Face Is Everything
  14. Just Married
  15. Drake Sandwich
  16. Caught Kissing
  17. Kylie's Model Friends
  18. Kylie's Old School Friends
  19. So Random, But So Right
  20. Why So Serious?
  21. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  22. Squad
  23. Kisses For Kimye's Wedding
  24. Naughty & Nice
  25. Major Throwback Moment
  26. One-Two-Step
  27. Telling Secrets
  28. Mother, Daughter Moment
  29. Someone Didn't Get The Hat Memo
  30. Tongues Out
  31. BFFs
  32. 'Drunk And In Love'
  33. Jaden Smith AKA Batman
  34. Couple Cam
  35. Kylie's Super Sweet 16
  36. Pucker Up
  37. Keeks + Kokes
  38. Scott Decided Not To Change His Facial Expression
  39. Sisterly Love