Are You The Woman Who Took A Picture Of This Couple's Engagement At The NYC Marathon?

Desperately seeking this elusive photographer.

Marriage is a commitment to be in it for the long haul together, so it's fitting that runner Joe Duarte proposed to his girlfriend Katie Mascenik during the New York City marathon. Mascenik had been waiting at mile 17 to cheer on Duarte, and was pleasantly surprised when he got on one knee and proposed to her in the middle of the race, before hundreds of people.

The proposal was so sweet that many of the strangers around the couple took notice, including one woman who was standing close enough to Mascenik and Duarte to snap a perfect picture of their magical moment. There is just one problem: after taking this shot, said mystery woman disappeared back into the crowd.


Now, the bride-to-be is on the hunt for the illusive woman in the blue shirt. Mascenik said in a Facebook post, "I wish I had asked the girl for her picture... She has the perfect picture of our engagement.​" Can we, the collective people of the internet, use the powers of social media to help find this woman and the "perfect picture" she possesses? If you are the woman in the blue shirt, Mascenik would love to hear from you on her Facebook. (And then keep us posted. We're dying to hear how this turns out!)

Here's to this couple's happy engagement and to what we're assuming was a very happy final 9.2 miles of Duarte's race!

H/: Cosmopolitan.com