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Lil Wayne Says He's Questioning Everything

But his fans are holding him down.

Ever had one of those days? Those days where you wake up and just don't want to do whatever you have to do -- head to class, show up at work, take care of those looming responsibilities? Those days where you feel like the world is against you?

It looks like Lil Wayne is is face-to-face with one on Wednesday (Nov. 4).

According to TMZ, authorities raided Tunechi's home on Tuesday and seized some of his possessions, reportedly because he hadn't paid a $2 million judgement that he owes a jet rental company.

That, to me, sounds like a fair enough reason to feel a little gloomy. And early this morning, though he didn't specify the reasons why a black cloud was following him, or whether it was related to that reported incident, he did express some of his exasperation. Whatever the motivation, something was bugging him.

The fact that he's found those people to help push him forward -- family and loved ones -- is key. But he's also got his fans.

When they saw Weezy's messages, they jumped in for support.

Yeah, what they said, Wayne.

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