They Were Expecting A Kylie Jenner Makeover But Got Something Very, Very Different

'You don't want to end up looking like a clown.'

When BuzzFeed told three women -- Michelle, Mallory and Jade -- they'd be getting Kylie Jenner makeovers, they were excited to see the results. Unfortunately for them, they were pranked with horrendous makeup instead.

In the video posted Tuesday (Nov. 3), makeup artist Denise secretly transforms each woman's face into a mess of mismatched colors instead of the Jenner's plump lips and top-notch contours.

"I can tell there's stuff on my face, like I have this extra kind of layer, but it's not anything crazy," Jade, who Denise painted outrageous orange foundation on, said before looking in the mirror. "I can understand how people would get used to it."

But after seeing her reflection, Jade came to the conclusion she looks like a pumpkin. ?

We agree, Jade. Watch the full hilarious video below.