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Move Over, Man Buns — This Hair Trend Is About To Be Everywhere

Here's how to get a comb over — no, not the Donald Trump kind.

There's a lot to learn from Google's top beauty-related searches. For one, yes, man buns are extremely popular—they were the top trending hairstyle for 2015. Another men's hair trend that is growing in popularity, but has been around for longer than the man bun is the comb over—no, not the same one as Donald Trump.

This comb over style started popping in 2013 when Justin Timberlake reemerged in our lives with a slick, straight, classic style. Of course, just because you like a hairstyle doesn't mean you know how to do it—looking at you, crown braids—so we rounded up the best comb over tutorials on YouTube, from what cut to request to how to style it once you get home.

  1. This video can serve as your guide for what to ask for at the barber shop—this dude also can hide lollipops in his hair, which...what??

  2. This video is also helpful in steering you to what you need to ask for to achieve your dream style. While there is no step-by-step process for styling, watching someone get his hair cut is pretty mesmerizing.

  3. This tutorial focuses specifically on obtaining the Justin Timberlake look, down to the length your hair needs to be to do your best JT impression.

  4. Once you have the cut, this video will help you style it to perfection. From products to where you should actually part your hair, this video will transform you into JT in under three minutes.

  5. This video will take you step-by-step through the comb over styling process, from wet hair to perfectly coiffed pompadour.