ATN Critics' Picks: Gil Kaufman's 1997 Top Ten

This year we've asked some of our writers, editors and fave musicians to tell us what they think kicked it for '97. Here's Addicted To Noise Senior Writer Gil Kaufman's Top 10.

1) Iggy and the Stooges, Raw Power re-issue: Iggy went in and remixed it and "cleaned-up" Bowie's notoriously muddy mix. The result? The album kicks more ass.

2) Lee "Scratch" Perry, Arkology: The only thing better than one CD of rare and unreleased material from the mad godfather of dub is three. Providing amazing insight into the twisted mind of a musical genius who never met a chorus he couldn't drop out and replace with a booming bass line.

3) Charlatans UK, Tellin' Stories: The second-most tragic band in rock (the Chili Peppers still own the lead) rebound from the death of their keyboardist/best mate with an album of thoroughly modern dance rock that avoids cliches.

4) Third Eye Blind: So sue me.

5) Talvin Singh Presents Anokha, Sounds of the Asian Underground: A whole night's worth of exotic musical travel without leaving the cushions.

6) The Verve, "Bitter Sweet Symphony": From the second it hit my system, I was hooked like a glassy-eyed trout.

7) Primal Scream, Vanishing Point/Echo Dek: It wasn't enough that they released one of the best rock/electronic/psychedelic albums of the year, then they did it again, with the help of dub innovator Adrian Sherwood.

8) Spiritualized, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space and /Spiritualized live at the Fillmore in San Francisco, Tues., Nov. 11: I haven't been this soberly fucked-up by beautiful narcotic/psychedelic music since Galaxie 500 fell apart. Maybe the drugs do work.

9) Mirrors/Electric Eels/The Styrenes, Those Were Different Times: Yeah, they were. Archival Cleveland punk rock that'll never make it into that hometown pile of curvy bricks by the water.

10) Mono Men, Have a Nice Day, Motherfucker: My sentiments exactly. 12 garage-punk songs in less than 30 minutes. All growling, all power, all bloody knuckles. No bullshit.