Facebook Wants To Make Teleportation As Easy As ?

Okay, more like super, super intense VR. But still.

We all dream of teleportation. But not all of us work at Facebook, where those kinds of fantasies can possibly come true.

The company's chief technical officer, Mike Schroepfer, recently told the Business Insider, "Facebook wants to build a device that allows you to be anywhere you want, with anyone, regardless of geographic boundaries." So, like the transporter from "Star Trek?"

Well, no, not exactly.

The Facebook teleporter is basically like super-charged virtual reality (VR) that will enhance the virtual experience by adding in a physical element. Facebook set the stage last year when it bought the Oculus Rift VR company, whose headset is slated to hit shelves next year. The iteration Schroepfer has in mind will have the Oculus "trick your senses into thinking its virtual world is real, mimic the world around you in real-time and give regular people the ability to create anything they imagine in 3D."

How Oculus Plans To Close The 'Reality' Gap

Schroepfer said Oculus is working to make VR more real by tackling some of the biggest complaints users have had in the past. One is allowing people to see themselves -- as in looking down and seeing your hands -- as well as other people. The Oculus Touch, due out next year, will make it seem like you can see your hands and the company is already testing a pressure sensor and camera that will capture your facial expressions and mimic the real-world look on your face in VR world.

Other advances Oculus is working on: capturing images of the real world and rebuilding them in VR in real time, and using a program called Medium -- which will ship with the Touch controllers next year -- that lets you shape 3D objects in a VR world.