Watch Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Curse Out A Bunch Of Kids Dressed As X-Men

Here's the story behind that viral Halloween pic he snapped with the mini mutants.

It’s official: No one is more excited for Ryan Reynolds to become Deadpool than Ryan Reynolds himself. Because he is clearly having SO much fun with this role.

Over the Halloween weekend, the actor and his wife, Blake Lively, both shared a pic of him donning his superhero getup and posing with a bunch of little kids dressed as X-Men mutants. Reynolds took the opportunity to playfully call out Fox for maybe-sorta f—king up the Marvel timeline (we’re still not sure if his onscreen alter ego will ever actually meet the X-Men, but all signs point to “not likely”), and it looked like an apparently random but fateful meeting among cosplayers big and small.

Only… it actually wasn’t random at all. It’s SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT.

On Tuesday night (Nov. 3), Reynolds released a video entitled “How Deadpool Spent Halloween” that reveals how the kids came into his crutches — and it’s basically the best movie teaser we’ve seen in a while. He stays in character as the “Merc with the Mouth” while dropping F-bombs aplenty on these mini mutants, berating them and trying to recruit them by asking, “How many of you have taken a human life?”

When BB Mystique unwisely mentions his role as the Green Lantern, Reynolds — er, Deadpool — responds, “What does this suit look like to you, huh? Does it look like a leprechaun had sex with a cartoonist?”

Watch the whole hilarious video below:

And because you KNOW you want to see Mystique Jr.’s priceless facial reaction again, here it is in GIF form:


“Deadpool” hits theaters on Feb. 12, 2016.