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Now You Can Own The Cardigan Kurt Cobain Wore For Nirvana’s ‘MTV Unplugged’ Show

Or a lock of his hair, if that's more your speed.

It’s no secret that Nirvana’s 1993 acoustic performance on MTV’s “Unplugged” was an iconic moment in the band’s history. Surely, you can envision at least one aspect of the show in your mind: the abundance of flowers littered around the stage, Dave Grohl looking tense AF in a turtleneck, and the main man himself: Kurt Cobain, in the most stripped-down public performance he had ever done (and would ever do).

But think a little harder about Cobain’s presence onstage that night; specifically about the unassuming olive cardigan he wore. For all we know, he bought it at a thrift shop for five dollars, but 22 years later, that same grungy sweater’s being auctioned off for (at least) $20,000. Yep, really.

Cobain’s medium-sized Manhattan brand sweater is missing one button, has a burn hole and discoloration near both pockets, and probably still smells like stale cigarette smoke, but damned if it isn’t an iconic artifact in rock history. It’s expected to sell for between $40,000 and $60,000, and the lucky bidder who claims it will receive a signed letter of authenticity from a “close friend of the Cobain family” who somehow got the cardigan.

If old sweaters aren’t your thing, though, you can always opt to bid on a 10-inch lock of Cobain’s hair, which is starting at $4,000 and was left over from when Courtney Love commissioned an artist to make a doll for her daughter Frances using her husband’s hair. Not creepy at all. There’s also Nirvana’s Platinum record plaque for Nevermind and a Gold Record plaque for In Utero, for all your less creepy memorabilia needs.

Cobain’s sweater is just one of the random items featured in L.A.-based auction house Julien’s Auction’ “Icons and Idols 2015: Rock n’ Roll” campaign. Other items up for grabs include Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dental mold, Whitney Houston’s credit card application, Ringo Starr’s drum head from the Beatles’ “Ed Sullivan Show” performance, and Elvis Presley’s prescription for muscle relaxants. Oh, and there’s also One Direction Irishman Niall Horan’s first guitar (proving 1D really are icons in the making, perhaps?!).

Check out the full list of items here before the auction wraps up on Nov. 7. And while you wallow in misery about probably not being able to afford Cobain’s old garb, relive the magic of “Unplugged” with this rendition of “The Man Who Sold The World.” Just because it deserves to be remembered.