Perrie Edwards/ Instagram

The Many Faces Of Perrie Edwards

From confused to goofy as hell.

Sure, we love Little Mix for the absolute fire songs they have been putting out (we'll get to hear even more when they drop Get Weird on Friday), but we also love them for their sense of humor. Jade, Jesy, Perrie and Leigh Anne often make us laugh so hard we snort. And part of it is because they make the most hilarious faces.

For example, let's focus on Perrie Edwards' comical mugs:

  1. She's not afraid to get goofy.
  2. The oops-I-want-to-show-off-my-manicure face
  3. The Perrie equivalent of the side eye
  4. The WTF face
  5. *Snorts*
  6. The vacation selfie
  7. The 'Don't mess with me' face
  8. The face of sadness and isolation
  9. The 'Can you not' face
  10. Duck face
  11. The 'Well, fancy seeing you here' face
  12. The 'How dare you' face