Diving Into Stuffing And Cranberry Sauce Isn't As Appetizing As It Sounds

At least, not when it's done literally — like on 'Broke A$$ Game Show.'

Thanksgiving dinner was served early to a bunch of New Yorkers -- thanks to MTV's “Broke A$$ Game Show."

On tonight's episode, hosts Derek Gaines and David Magidoff made pedestrians run through Central Park and dive through pools filled with holiday-themed food. That's not all: They had to do it while wearing turkey suits. Gobble, gobble!

"What we have here is gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce," Derek explained while surveying the course. And whoever first made it to the plate at the end of the display would get a hefty reward -- namely, $100.

So what were the contestants most looking forward to? Cold, hard cash? A taste of comfort food? Nahhh. Said one: "Getting out of this costume."

Watch the contenders play their wonderfully messy game in the clip below, and let us know your favorite Thanksgiving snack in the comments section! Then don't forget to watch the next "Broke A$$ Game Show," Thursday at 10:30/9:30c.