These Teens Want You To Give Justin Bieber A Break

A discussion of his new image.

The Fine Bros released another “Teens React” clip where they asked a group of teens the question: "Does Justin Bieber deserve a second chance?" They think he does -- and after watching, you might agree.

The teens first watched the video for "What Do You Mean," Bieber's lead single off of his upcoming album "Purpose," and needless to say, they were pretty excited.

In addition to asking questions about the video, the panelists talked about Bieber, including his new image and his past bad behavior. Everyone seemed to be universally supportive of his attempts to turn over a new leaf.

"He [was] 17 and he egged someone's house," said Leah, one of the viewers. "I'm pretty sure you've thought about doing that once or twice." True.

Another viewer, Josh, pointed out that "because they're celebrities we make [the bad things they do] so much bigger than it has to be." Fair point.

Watch the full video below.