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This Essential (And Free) Service Will Help You Survive College Applications

Bookmark the apply101 website right now.

Between all the application, financial aid and scholarship deadlines -- seriously, why can't all the schools just use the same dates? -- it's tough to keep track of exactly what is due when and to whom it's due. The good news? Applying to college just got slightly less stressful.

That's where the new tool apply101, co-founded by Natalie Miller and Steve Baer, comes in. You simply enter what universities you plan on applying to, and the website automatically compiles a customized list of all the can't-miss deadlines for those schools. This way, you can prepare for your upcoming essays/forms/mental anguish accordingly.

"I really like it," high school senior Ian Sloan said in a press release. "All seniors have things they would probably rather be doing than filling out college applications, but apply101 really streamlines the process and saves me a ton of time."

Apply101 is also a great tool for parents and counselors helping students with the application process. You can set up email or text reminders so that everything gets turned in on time.

Best of all, it's totally 100%, no-strings-attached FREE. It's the perfect "complement to the work you are doing on the Common Application," according to apply101's FAQ.

But worst of all, you still need to, y'know, apply to the schools with fancy-schmancy resumes and meticulously written personal statements. There's definitely no app for that.