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Adele's 'Hello' Music Video Gets The 'Planet Earth' Treatment In This Hilarious Video

'She is convinced that now is her time to strike.'

Adele had us at "Hello" when she shared her new music video on Thursday, Oct. 22. (Sorry, that pun was awful.)

The video's already racked up over 200 million views. If you need a frame of reference for just how many people that is, the entire U.S. population is estimated to be at a little over 322 million. Wow.

BBC Radio 1 on YouTube came up with the brilliant idea to have Sir David Attenborough — famous narrator of several nature documentaries — treat Adele's "Hello" music video as something you'd see on Animal Planet. Basically, he was to narrate Adele's movements and reactions in the video like he would a lion hunting for prey or penguins jumping into the ocean.

What resulted was nothing short of magical. Watch the hilarious video below.

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