Watch Why You Should Never Be Embarrassed To Ask For A Tampon

Enough with the hand signals and furtive glances.

The whispers. The underhand passes. The code words. Asking for a tampon at work or school is a perfectly normal interaction, but it always feel like some kind of top-secret operation.

But there's nothing shameful about needing a tampon. As this hilarious video from BuzzFeed points out, asking for a tampon is no different, really, than asking for a tissue -- so perhaps it's time to stop being so clandestine about needing this ordinary sanitary item.

In this sketch, the scenario of being vocal about your period in the workplace is taken to heightened satirical levels. One woman proclaims that her "uterus is shedding" and then proceeds to do a catwalk with her friend on her desk. It brings up a valid point, though: "The longer we keep quiet, the harder we're making it for women to discuss pain and discomfort in the work place."

Watch the whole video here.