Jon Hamm And Amy Poehler Threw An Epic Emmy Party For Losers

Winners go home.

Although Jon Hamm finally took home a well-deserved Emmy this year for "Mad Men," he couldn't celebrate that career high with the most epic post-awards party of his life.

Why? Because he's already been to that party, years before, when he and Amy Poehler threw a special fete exclusively for Emmys night losers.

Jon was on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Monday (Nov. 2), where he told the story of how he and Amy teamed up to make losing out on the Emmy the hottest ticket in town.

"We decided we would test the fates," he said, explaining that both he and the "Parks & Recreation" star were already sure that they wouldn't be winning that night. "We called it the Losers' Lounge. There are more losers than winners, they should get a party too!"

And not only that, but those who won the Emmy that night were explicitly not welcome -- unless they were ready to pay for the privilege.

"If you won the Emmy, you couldn't come," Jon said -- unless, that is, "you wanted to donate a pretty hefty donation to a charity of our choice."

According to the "Mad Men" star, Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were among the victorious celebs who coughed up some charitable cash to attend, which is nice; it's like everybody wins!

Except the losers in the Losers' Lounge, of course. And as for the winners, they could buy their way into the party, but their little golden statuettes were absolutely not invited.

Don’t even bring it,” said Jon Hamm of the actual Emmy awards. “We don’t want to see it."