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This Is One Makeup Skill Miley Cyrus Hasn't Quite Nailed Yet

When it comes to fashion and beauty, Miley Cyrus is not one to shy from trying new things. Much like anyone else, though, when she tries a new look, it doesn't always go smoothly the first time—case in point, her recent foray into lip liner.

On Monday night (Nov. 2), Miley shared this photo with the caption "Something tells me I'm not doing it right." Considering her face looks totally makeup-free—hey, all those hours spent with zit cream pay off, eh??—we assume she's talking about the dark brown liner surrounding her lips.

To help make it clearer, Miley zoomed in on her pursed lips, and wrote, "Lol #somethingtellsmeimnotdoingitright." Of course, lip liner tends to be accompanied by lip color, which is conspicuously absent in this photo.

When she followed up with the color filled in, though, she was obviously not 100% pleased with the result, captioning it, simply, "Lol."

Don't worry, Miley, perfecting a beauty trend takes time—keep lining your lips, you'll get there eventually.