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17 Photos Of 'Flash' Speedster Jay Garrick That Will Give You Whiplash

Warning: these photos of the Crimson Comet might hurt your neck.

For all of the headaches Earth-Two has caused Barry Allen and Team Flash, it did gift us with the Flash of another world, Jay Garrick. A perfectly chiseled meta-human specimen, the man otherwise known as the Crimson Comet has been a welcomed new addition to "The Flash" this season.

And while poor Jay has lost his speedster abilities (for the time being) on Earth-One, the man has plenty to offer the team. (Caitlin Snow knows what we're talking about.) From his sage advice to his handsome face, here are all the times the Crimson Comet gave us whiplash on "The Flash."

  • This is Jay Garrick.
  • He's pretty bae.
  • Even when he's covered in blood.
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  • Even when he's running so fast you can't see his face.
  • Oh, and he wears a cool hat.
  • Seriously. Look at this helmet! It has WINGS.
  • Like we said, he's a beautiful meta-human from Earth-Two.
  • Who saves the world and stuff.
  • Caitlin Snow can't even.

    Same, girl. Same.

  • He's got a cool nickname.
  • Plus, he's a great teacher.
  • And he always makes you feel like you're the most important person in the room.
  • He's a pretty stand-up gentleman.
  • Who just so happens to look great shirtless.
  • And with shirts, too!
  • Especially with that helmet.
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  • What we're trying to say is he can stay.
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    Forever. Please?