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President Obama Wants To 'Ban The Box'

Plus, election day in many places in the U.S., and bodies from the Russian plane crash begin to be identified.

He Doesn't Want The Government To Ask About Your Criminal Record Right Away When Hiring

On Monday night, President Obama spoke at Rutgers University, where he outlined ways to help recently-released prisoner readjust back into society. Among the measures he pushed was an idea to "ban the box," which is a directive for federal agencies to not ask about a candidate's criminal history on their job application. The President wasn't saying criminal history won't matter, though; he was directing that the topic is broached later on in the hiring process, rather than on the initial application. "It is relevant to find out whether somebody has a criminal record," he said. "We're not suggesting ignore it. What we are suggesting is that when it comes to the application, give folks a chance to get through the door. Give them a chance to get in there so they can make their case." Nineteen states already have the measure in place.

Election Day Across The Country

People across the country will head to the polls today, but not to vote on that race you've already been hearing about non-stop -- no, the presidential election isn't until next November. But on Tuesday, citizens in a handful of states will vote on races for governor, mayor as well as a number of ballot questions. The race for Kentucky governor will determine whether the state will have just its second Republican holding the seat in 44 years; Ohio is voting on marijuana legalization; and Mississippi will vote on public school funding. Plus, there are races for mayor in major cities like Philadelphia, San Francisco and Houston.

Bodies Identified In Russian Crash

Officials are still searching for answers about Saturday's plane crash in Egypt, which left 224 people dead when a Russian plane went down. But some answers are coming, as 10 bodies have been identified so far. An official from the Russian emergency situations ministry said that 140 bodies and over 100 body parts had been to Russia, with more on the way, as fallout from the crash continues.

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