Barry Brecheisen / Getty Images

A Stan Sculpted An Eminem Bust Out Of Clay

And he wants Shady to have it.

You know how some fans love drawing pictures of their favorite artists? From One Direction to Drake, it's a common practice. Hell, even Eminem did that for Tupac recently. But one fan sculpted a Slim Shady bust out of clay and took the concept of fan art to a whole 'nother level.

Aleksander Walijewski, a 23-year-old who’s studying graphic design and advertisement in Poland, spent roughly 50 hours on making it. Clearly, he was motivated.


"I was inspired by him performing at concerts, and from the beginning I knew that this pose (that I presented in sculpture) would be perfect because it's dynamic and full of energy, just like him on stage,” Walijewski told MLive today. "I also wanted to show the focus and tension on his face, it's like one of those moments when he looks at the crowd that is screaming his name.”

The piece -- which is dope, creepy or both (depending on how you look at it) -- was finished with gypsum casting and now it looks like this: