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Jennifer Lawrence Is Keeping Summer Alive With A Platinum Bob

You are our sunshine, our only sunshine ...

Jennifer Lawrence's hair evolution has been a story all its own since she first earned household name status a few years back, rockin' everything from beachy blonde waves to deep Katniss brown plaits to the lopped-off look heard 'round the world.

And now she's made her coverage of the blonde spectrum complete with a platinum bob that has us ready to call the stylist and make an emergency appointment.

J.Law debuted her new-but-classic Hollywood 'do at Saturday (Oct. 31)'s hand and footprint ceremony for the "Hunger Games" trio, proving that, yes, she can work this look too (not that we ever had any doubt).

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Jen joins ranks with fellow superblondies Gwen Stefani, Draco Malfoy and "Focus"-style Ariana Grande with her absolute ownership of this new hue, but hers is the most natural-looking of 'em all.

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Seriously, someone oughta just cut the "L" outta J.Law and call her "Jaw" because that's what she's dropping every single time she steps out at this point.