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Meek Mill And Wale Are Beefing Again

Those peace talks didn't last too long.

We thought Wale and Meek Mill made peace after last month's back-and-forth, but it looks like that didn’t last long.

If you need a refresher on the Meek/Wale situation, we made a whole comprehensive timeline for you, but here’s a brief recap: Wale said Meek brought a pencil to a gun fight in his Drake beef. Mill didn’t like that so he dissed him on Instagram. Rozay assured us things were resolved and now, for whatever reason, that feud’s been reignited.

Today, Meek shared a photo on IG with this caption where he appeared to call Wale a "f--kboy," though he censored himself:

"You can't b friends with someone who want your life.... You can't break bread with someone who want you slice.... Can't b on a team with someone who want you to lose.... Can't b family if it's gotta b all about you! #MMG X #DC minus the f#%kboy"

Soon after this, Wale took to Twitter with his own messages.

That last tweet had some fans puzzled, but thankfully, we know Spanish. If you translate "cargado," it means "charged" (and Google will also tell you that). Of course, that's being seen as a reference to Drake's "Charged Up," which was the first of two "Back-To-Back" Meek disses. Will we be getting dis tracks here too?

Meek and Wale went back-and-forth in a similar way last year. That was the first time we realized these two didn't get along. They seemed to squash that, but last month, it all exploded again with the "pencil to a gun fight" drama.

Can't we all just get along? Apparently, that's not too easy for these two MMG stars right now.