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Every Single Millennial Can Relate To These 8 Graphs

These are way too real.

The generation after millennials will never understand how ~difficult~ life was for us "back in the day." Our future children will be too busy playing on their iPhone 25 and driving their flying car all over town.

Luckily, Chaz Hutton (known on Instagram as Insta-Chaz) figured out a way to preserve the trials and tribulations millennials must deal with daily. OK, maybe not. But he did create a bunch of hilarious graphs and charts that perfectly convey the #struggle of every day life for those of us under 30.

  1. He understands your Tinder woes.
  2. He knows what goes down at literally every single concert you've ever attended.
  3. Dieting? He's got you covered.
  4. Budgeting money? Yep, he covers that, too.
  5. No, but seriously.
  6. Do you have issues hanging up your clothes? Hutton understands your pain.
  7. Oh, and he totally gets the whole "internet and work" thing.
  8. But Hutton doesn't just cover millennial problems. He also sums up all things pop culture.

H/T Uproxx

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