'Awkward' Amore: Will Matty and Jenna's Love Last Beyond Prom?

This isn't the first time they said those three little words...

Jenna Hamilton’s prom dress may have been spilled on, scuffed up and set on fire by the evening’s end (is it possible for fabric to be cursed?), but her relationship with Matty McKibben, conversely, may have found itself on the mend.

On tonight’s “Awkward” episode, and after three years of on-and-off dating, a volley of mistake-making and more teary fights than an “As The World Turns” marathon could supply, Matty and Jenna said those three words to each other. Of course, they’d said those three words to each other many times before, but this "I love you," somehow, landed differently this time. And though neither Matty nor Jenna wound up being crowned prom royalty, the sentiment definitely had the latter feeling like Palos Hills’ reigning queen.

Still, the heartfelt exchange didn’t wipe Jenna’s memory clear of her commitment to keep Matty friend-zoned. It was very recently that she promised herself she wouldn’t strike things up again with her high school sweetheart, especially when she and Matty are bound for colleges on opposite sides of the country. And even after Matty spilled his guts while in a rental tux, Jenna’s doubts lingered.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she thought to herself. “It was the most romantic moment any girl had ever had at any prom — but he was right. We had both hurt each other so many times, it was just too late.”

Now, we’re left wondering if the prom magic can last, and if it can somehow help Jatty clear the many obstacles in their way or if its spell will expire by sunrise.

What do you think -- are Matty and Jenna finally mature enough to commit to a mutually respectful relationship, or are they just bound to make the same mistakes again? Tell us what you think, and see where things between Jatty go next Monday night at 9/8c!