Drama Defined: Someone Is Going To Die On 'Finding Carter'

And that's just one shocker from the show's heart-stopping new trailer.

Drama | noun | [drah-MUH, dram-UH]: any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, intense or striking results."Finding Carter" has offered plenty of the above since its mid-season return: Lori was released from prison, David got a brand-new son aka Ben, Carter and Crash called it quits, and Gabe started coming between Max and Taylor. But frankly, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

In the show's heart-stopping new trailer, below, a tornado of trouble is brewing. For starters, Carter has a nuclear fallout with Elizabeth -- and actually leaves the Wilson brood.

"You can't move out -- this is your home," Elizabeth cries.

"Not anymore," Carter replies before she's shown arriving at the home of -- you guessed it -- Lori.

But the fact that Carter "basically re-kidnapped herself" by returning to her abductor (Grant's words, not ours) isn't even the most shocking development in the upcoming episodes: Amid a physical confrontation between Max and his dad (gasp!), the return of a beloved character (double gasp!), a startling revelation about Jared (triple gasp!), and a violent altercation between two of the show's lovebirds (quadruple gasp!), someone actually, well...

"Call 911," Jared tells Carter in one scene as he hovers over a person laying on the floor. But the Magic Hour owner quickly realizes it's too late and declares, "He's dead."

SAY WHAT???!!!

So who's going to perish on "Finding Carter"? Is it Ben? Gabe? Fan favorite Max (please God, say it isn't so)? Or is it one of the other male characters we've come to know and love? You'll have to keeping tuning in to the show every Tuesday at 10/9c to eventually find out, but to discover what secret Jared has been hiding, which couple's relationship is turning dangerous and who's returning to "FC" -- plus much more -- watch the trailer now. Then head to the comments section and tell us what you think of "Finding Carter"'s upcoming twists and turns!