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Tom Felton WILL Star In Ariana Grande's Next Music Vid, She Says

Plus, her inspiration comes from a MAJOR pop star bestie.

Tom Felton may have been joking about his impromptu offer to star in Ariana Grande's next music video, but she was deathly hallow serious when she said she would accept that offer.

As a refresher, the "Harry Potter" star responded to a fan image of Ariana's "Focus" teaser which played upon her Malfoy-esque white 'do by inducting her into Slytherin with Draco (even though he'd previously pegged her for a Gryffindor).

And Ari, a long-time Draco fanatic, quickly promised to take him up on that offer, "100000000000%."

And just in case Felton thought she was kidding, Ari reiterated her full intention to bring him into the fold for her next single video on the radio show "Zach Sang and the Gang" -- even if it means just having him walk through the frame for a split-second because with Tom, that's all it takes to be amazing.

Ariana said that she "absolutely" plans to make good on the Ariana-Tom working relash offer, and explained, "He tweeted, he was like, ‘If you ever need anyone in your music video.’ I was like, ‘I don’t know what the next single is, but we’re gonna find it, and we’re gonna make sure you’re here.'"

"'I haven’t decided yet. I don’t know what the video treatment is, which song it’s going to be next, but single number two, you’re the lead. Let’s go. Let’s go,'" Ari continued. "He can walk by in the background. That’s it. That’s all I need."

Throw in one of his signature wink-smirks and we're SOLD.

Ariana also revealed that she draws major inspiration from fellow hair-chameleon-slash-pop-goddess Katy Perry, who once joined her in a prayer circle and offered some sage stage wisdom to her pseudo-protégé.

"Katy was very nice to me when I first put out music, and she took me under her wing was like, ‘Hey, if you ever need anything, I can totally be here,'" AG remembered. "She was very welcoming and wonderful and it was so crazy because I went to her show at the Staples Center a couple of years ago. And I was totally inspired by it. I was like, ‘Wow. I want to do this.’"

Three years later, she would herself grace the stage at Staples Center, and that's when the story came full circle.

"She came, and she held my hand in the prayer circle, and she was there, and she was like, ‘Girl you were here a few years ago watching me, and now I’m watching you. You better kill it, girl,'" said Ari. "So, she’s always really supportive, and that’s very surreal ... It’s always so nice to meet someone who’s so successful and so humble and down to earth and so nice and generous and welcoming." Not to mention, someone who knows how to drop the mic so effectively.