Here's A New Alternative To Bathing -- Cover Your Body In Bacteria

This is the world we live in.

BuzzFeed's Test Friends were all convinced to completely forego deodorant for a week to try out a new type of body cleansing product containing a key ingredient -- living bacteria.

The product, Mother Dirt's AO+ Mist by AOBiome, uses ammonia-oxidizing bacteria to turn the urea and ammonia in sweat -- the chemicals that make us dirty -- into nitric oxide, a positive molecule that helps the body regulate itself. Each 3.4 oz bottle retails for about $50.

"[AO+ Mist has] been formulated to restore balance to skin microbiome, resulting in the improved appearance and resilience of the skin," Mother Dirt's website states. The brave souls at BuzzFeed who tried AO+ Mist had positive (and plenty of negative) things to say about the product.

"It's the end of day one and all day I've been thinking, 'Oh, this [has] been working great I don't smell bad at all' -- but I just took my clothes off and smelled my armpits and I smell really bad," one of the participants said. Later on in the week, she claims that her body odor evened out and she even got a compliment on her skin -- although she wasn't sure whether it was the product working its magic or not.

At any rate, when asked if any of the three participants would start relying on bacteria instead of soap, they all had the same answer: Nope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Watch the full video below.