Sam Smith Just Released The Saddest Song He’s Ever Written

'Drowning Shadows' will have you drowning in your tears.

Sam Smith may be taking a break from music, but he decided to take his "final bow" before his second album by releasing new track "Drowning Shadows."

Just a will have you drowning in your tears.

The highly emotional ballad, which Sam told Beats 1 Radio host Zane Lowe that it's the "saddest song" he's ever written, is all about making the decision about going home to nothing or "stay out more."

"Do I go home to nothing?/ Or stay out for more?/ Give in to someone?/ Or lock down my door?/ Or drown all my shadows, drown them like before?/ I'm drowning shadows once more," Sam sings on the track.

Sam revealed that he wrote his "least radio-friendly song" before "Stay With Me" and while he always loved it, he couldn't get the production right. However, when he was thinking about his album re-release, In the Lonely Hour: The Drowning Shadows Edition (November 6), it suddenly "came alive" once they turned it into a piano ballad.

"It's very, very depressing," Sam said of the song. "I used to get in the taxi back to Oval where I used to live from the studio and on the way back to Oval there was a crossroads and one road would lead to gay clubs that I used to go out to and then the other road would go home and I was in such a lonely, sad place when I was writing this album that sometimes I would literally have to choose, 'Do I go home to nothing? Or stay out for more?' And that was a genuine choice for me some nights."

The "Writing's On The Wall" singer will now be taking some time off from the music spotlight, but still plans on working hard on his second album.

"I've started songwriting because some things happened to me earlier on in the year which made me feel a little bit something and I felt I had to talk about it," Sam recently told us. "I had to write about it which was really exciting for me and I definitely have the direction of where I want to go."