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More Than 40 Girls At One High School Were Taken Out Of Class For Wearing Leggings

Yep. Just for leggings.

Thursday (October 29), more than 40 girls at a high school in Mount Juliet, TN were given citations for violating the same dress code rule: wearing leggings. The rulebook for Wilson County Schools says that students are allowed to wear leggings as long as they're also wearing a shirt, skirt, or dress that falls three inches above the middle of the knee.

Amelia Hipps, a spokesperson for the schools said, "The bottom line is, the tops weren’t long enough. It didn’t have anything to do with the leggings, it was what was [worn] over the leggings not meeting student dress code."

The students who violated the dress code were taken out of class, with a parent or guardian called. Though there's still no explanation for why so many students happened to be written up for violating the same rule, we can probably guess it's because leggings are extremely comfortable and are, generally speaking, no cause for concern.